Time for the Mycroft tea! I think this is the one I’m most excited about.

Opening the bag: It smells so sweet and delicious. I get a big sense of caramel, and a little chocolate. If it tastes half as good as it smells, it’ll be amazing.

First sip: It was a little bitter as first, but the after taste was sooooo good. I get the chocolate a lot more, but still get that caramel hint.

After the milk: No more bitterness! Kept the chocolate and caramel and cake-y goodness. Mycroft would love this.

My mom’s reaction: “What one is this? My? Croft? Oh, good, I would add some honey though.”

I really want to try this one iced! This would be really good with actual desserts, and now I’m really craving some chocolate cookies with this. The more I drank this, the more I loved it. I got a spice hint to it that just made it even better. Maybe of the best cups of tea I’ve had.

Mycroft tea: http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=19185&SID=412672e5c6b54714f5de27e0fe8fb378