I brewed the first of my Sherlock teas today. Went with the Moriartea because this was one I was going to buy as soon as I discovered these teas. And it did not disappoint.

Opening the bag: lhfwhfwohfwo I LOVE IT! It smells so good in the bag. It’s very strong, and spicy, which I love. I swear I smell a hint of orange, but that’s just my association with ginger so I may be imagining it.

First sip: Very strong, very ginger-y, AMAZING. It’s got a bite to it which I love. On it’s own, it may be too strong for most people, and I even think for me after a while it would be too much.

With vanilla almond milk (because, yes, that’s what my mom and I put in our tea because we’re crazy): It took out some of the bite and added just a little sweetness, which was lovely. It made it more like a gingerbread. I may add a little honey next time to enhance that.

My mom’s reaction: “It’s like a ginger cookie!”

I wish it was a little bit colder out because this is a perfect fall/winter tea. I’m more excited than ever to try the other ones. I can’t wait to keep sipping!

EDIT: I meant to include a link to the tea itself. Duh doy. Here you go: http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=19184&SID=165ac942046e8bcba0381d987682efe4